• Sheila M. Avatar
    Sheila M.

    Very good customer service. Variety of designs and fabric which is good. The prices are reasonable and the sales person; Claire was very knowledgeable! - 26/02/21

    Corydon W. Avatar
    Corydon W.

    Great experience very customer centric Well informed sales personnel Keep up the good work - 26/02/21

    Judy m. Avatar
    Judy m.

    Good customer service . People should surely visit them - 26/02/21

  • Rebecca Avatar

    The services are super cool. Lovely customer service. I recommend it for many as are able. - 26/02/21

    Purity k.

    Products are awesome... - 26/02/21

    Amos K. Avatar
    Amos K.

    Very good display. Nice pricing. Good accessibility, that is on location Improve on marketing, great potential. - 26/02/21

  • Mr. G. Avatar
    Mr. G.

    Perfect furniture, furniture for everyone indeed.... excellent delivery service - 25/02/21

    Stephen k. Avatar
    Stephen k.
    Kinyori logistics

    Awesome customer service. Good quality office chairs, happy client - 25/02/21

    Dorothy m. Avatar
    Dorothy m.

    Very good reception high quality furniture. - 25/02/21

  • Naomi k. Avatar
    Naomi k.

    Sure perfectly in order. Appreciate all services - 25/02/21

    Anastasia Avatar

    The store has amazing furniture and the customer service was great. Thank you Kalpna for never getting tired with our endless questions. - 25/02/21

    Mercy K. Avatar
    Mercy K.

    Excellent service..quality furniture. Difficult to choose - 25/02/21

  • Catherine m. Avatar
    Catherine m.

    Quality and affordable furniture - 25/02/21

    Mercy K.

    Excellent service..quality furniture. Difficult to choose - 25/02/21

    Judy M. Avatar
    Judy M.

    Beautiful pieces, good price - 25/02/21

  • Born f. Avatar
    Born f.
    Western energy

    The services are perfect. The rates are affordable. - 25/02/21

    Pranav P. Avatar
    Pranav P.

    I had purchased a carpet it was amazing their services are great as well. There sofas a great, good quality, and amazing colors. They also have lots of other varieties such as picture frames, coffee tables, dining tables and also office furniture - 25/02/21

    Trevor Avatar

    Good quality sofas. And a best place to be. Liked their professionality,. - 25/02/21

  • Charles K.

    Good service, great looking and feeling products. Looking forward to doing business with you. - 25/02/21

    Chris K.

    Excellent array of furniture as always, looking forward to making a purchase. - 25/02/21

    Leah w. Avatar
    Leah w.

    The wide variety is very impressive. The options in pricing reasonable. - 25/02/21

  • Moreen

    Affordable and quality furniture - 25/02/21

    Network w. Avatar
    Network w.

    Good service - 25/02/21

    Network w. Avatar
    Network w.

    Good service - 25/02/21

  • Alex Avatar

    Second time buying from the Store,Good furniture Good Customer Service! - 25/02/21

    Sandeep V. Avatar
    Sandeep V.

    Best customer service and good quality furniture - 21/02/21

    Carylitto C. Avatar
    Carylitto C.

    Good quality furnitures and their prices are fair - 17/02/21

  • Princess L. Avatar
    Princess L.

    Their recliner seats are to die for.... Worth every penny. I would recommend everyone to invest in them. So far so good. No regrets. - 17/02/21

    Jacob C. Avatar
    Jacob C.

    high quality format - 17/02/21

    Consolata N. Avatar
    Consolata N.

    Best, quality and comfortable recliners you have.. Am a happy client - 16/02/21

  • Olive N. Avatar
    Olive N.

    Lovely and comfortable seats. The sales personal are very helpful and kind. I loved what I settled on and very Timely delivery. I am a satisfied customer. Many Thanks - 16/02/21

    Kemunto M. Avatar
    Kemunto M.

    Quality πŸ‘Œ, customer service - 16/02/21

    dj K. Avatar
    dj K.

    very good - 02/02/21

  • Irene M. Avatar
    Irene M.

    Variety of furniture and great customer service - 23/01/21

    Luisa K. Avatar
    Luisa K.

    Good and affordable furniture - 23/01/21

    Peggie S. Avatar
    Peggie S.

    I bought recliner from you and was delivered on the same time at Roysambu, thank so much and highly appreciate. - 06/01/21

  • rholtsatsa o. Avatar
    rholtsatsa o.

    Nice place - 23/12/20

    Esther N. Avatar
    Esther N.

    I loved the service offered.Plus I got a big teddy bear as a give away for my daughter.Thanks - 23/12/20

    BRYSON M. Avatar

    Quality furnitures with very friendly attendants plus a cool environment. I liked the showroom. - 04/12/20

  • Harry N. Avatar
    Harry N.

    Very friendly staff and excellent service! Would recommend to people 100% - 28/11/20

    Betsy M. Avatar
    Betsy M.

    Dignity Furniture Kenya you are the BESTπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. Excellent customer service is the number one job in YOU! Nothing consoles and comforts like certainty does...that's your personality and the reason I/Customers ALWAYS come back....Am gonna tell/recommend others about the experience I have with youπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. Thank you. - 26/11/20

    This i. Avatar
    This i.

    Wide range of home furniture - 23/11/20

  • William K. Avatar
    William K.

    Nice service - 23/11/20

    GreDo W. Avatar
    GreDo W.

    Amazing place. - 23/11/20

    Neha B. Avatar
    Neha B.

    Dignity Collection has changed their strategies and communication skills. The products at Dignity are very good and have a really good Quality. As a New company, they are not really that bad at service and quality of goods. i would Recommend the sofas the most, they are really comfortable and exactly what i expected from the pictures. - 18/11/20

  • Victor R. Avatar
    Victor R.

    Their products are of high quality and they have exemplary service - 13/11/20

    Tony N. Avatar
    Tony N.

    Great service - 23/10/20

    Robinson O. Avatar
    Robinson O.

    I love the furniture there - 23/10/20

  • Musyoki M. Avatar
    Musyoki M.

    steven - 23/10/20

    Ruth S. Avatar
    Ruth S.

    Good.... Rachael was soo friendly n patient - 23/10/20

    Kelvin K. Avatar
    Kelvin K.

    Quality furniture at great prices - 23/10/20

  • Karuga J. Avatar
    Karuga J.

    Great furniture, great service! - 23/10/20

    Paul N. Avatar
    Paul N.

    Good rates on lazy boy recliners. Delivery to your house too available. - 23/09/20

    Stanley K. Avatar
    Stanley K.

    Awesome selection on furniture - 23/09/20

  • Lewis M. Avatar
    Lewis M.

    Fantastic furniture - 23/09/20

    KINGS M. Avatar
    KINGS M.

    They have quality furniture and also the price is good - 23/09/20

    Samuel K. Avatar
    Samuel K.

    Nice furnitures - 23/09/20

  • Kate K. Avatar
    Kate K.

    Great place to shop for furniture. Fast, Friendly as you shop (no push to buy, allow you time to decide.....I visited 4times) and Efficient in delivery. I shall definitely return! - 03/09/20

    Walter M. Avatar
    Walter M.

    Affordable furniture - 23/08/20

    paul a. Avatar
    paul a.

    It was fantastic - 23/08/20

  • Noni L. Avatar
    Noni L.

    3 floors of furniture: both home and office - 23/08/20

    lillian G. Avatar
    lillian G.

    I just love your seatsVery comfy😍 - 23/08/20

    Charles N. Avatar
    Charles N.

    Good furniture. Great variety - 23/08/20

  • Muraya D. Avatar
    Muraya D.

    Nice quiet setting affordable furniture plus the kind staff. - 23/08/20

    Mwenda D. Avatar
    Mwenda D.

    I loved their service 100%.
    1.Great customer service.
    2.Quick delivery within 2 days in Meru, it was perfect.
    3. Product was as expected.
    Try dignity and you will not be dissapointed.
    - 31/07/20

    Mumbi N. Avatar
    Mumbi N.

    I loved your customers service πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ,,, delivery made on time and the you have the best quality furniture 😁 - 24/07/20

  • Dorothy A. Avatar
    Dorothy A.

    Elegant furniture and excellent customer service - 23/07/20

    Miheer H. Avatar
    Miheer H.

    Their furniture is cool - 23/07/20

    Kevin N. Avatar
    Kevin N.

    Best Recliner seats. - 23/07/20

  • John K. Avatar
    John K.

    Very pleasant service - 23/07/20

    Paul O. Avatar
    Paul O.

    Affordable furniture - 23/07/20

    Moses M. Avatar
    Moses M.

    Classy affordable quick services - 23/07/20

  • mohamed r. Avatar
    mohamed r.

    Nice furniture - 23/07/20

    Eryko E. Avatar
    Eryko E.

    Have quality products and the best customer service. Bought a dining table - 07/07/20

    Peris M. Avatar
    Peris M.

    Excellent customer service, prompt delivery and very good quality. Not cheap but worth the coins. - 23/06/20

  • Dennis J. Avatar
    Dennis J.

    Cheap beautiful quality furniture. - 23/06/20

    fred w. Avatar
    fred w.

    Awesome customer service - 23/06/20

    Haben K. Avatar
    Haben K.

    Quality products with affordable price and a good customer service! - 11/06/20

  • Esther M. Avatar
    Esther M.

    best service and I love my dining set - 03/06/20

    Lucy M. Avatar
    Lucy M.

    Quick delivery, amazing customer service and quality products! Highly recommend. - 12/05/20

    Ritarose M. Avatar
    Ritarose M.

    Friendly and very professional - 26/04/20

  • CpaIrene M. Avatar
    CpaIrene M.

    I had a very good experience here and great bargain . Worthy every cent
    I love my dinning not yet done setting
    - 25/04/20

    Beth N. Avatar
    Beth N.

    Customer service is amazing - 23/04/20

    Jeremiah W. Avatar
    Jeremiah W.

    Quality and relatively affordable furniture. Great customer care, you feel at home right from the warm reception at their door. - 23/04/20

  • Lucy M. Avatar
    Lucy M.

    I bought an office chair from Dignity & they were so fast to deliver it.They brought 2 office chairs for me to review. So, I'm extremely happy about that.The seat is so comfortable. I loved it.The only issue I had at the beginning was that a guy in the store had told me the delivery would cost Ksh.1000.The delivery was actually free. - 23/04/20

    Raphael O. Avatar
    Raphael O.

    quality service to their customers - 20/04/20

    Doris N. Avatar
    Doris N.

    Delivered on time(eld) and had a very nice customer service at your shop earlier...asante Sana. - 26/03/20

  • peter k. Avatar
    peter k.

    Excellent - 23/03/20

    Eric A. Avatar
    Eric A.

    Cool stuff - 23/03/20

    Rose W. Avatar
    Rose W.

    Customer servive was excellent. - 23/03/20

  • Chantelle M. Avatar
    Chantelle M.

    There packages are awesome - 22/03/20

    Davine N. Avatar
    Davine N.

    Good customer service, quick delivery and quality furniture - 13/03/20

    Harrison G. Avatar
    Harrison G.

    quality, timely delivery and excellence..
    cheap prices compared to other Furniture places yet same or higher quality than those places.
    - 24/02/20

  • Shariff S. Avatar
    Shariff S.

    i ordered from eldoret and was delivered thank you dignity for your honesty and good customer service - 23/02/20

    Wilson M. Avatar
    Wilson M.

    Lovely services and furniture - 23/02/20

    Daggy W. Avatar
    Daggy W.

    Good quality - 23/02/20

  • Georgiadis G. Avatar
    Georgiadis G.

    Very friendly staff and top notch customer care experience. Their delivery was on time and very curteous staff. I would definately recommend anyone. - 23/02/20

    Cynthia A. Avatar
    Cynthia A.

    One of the best places to get your home and office furniture at very affordable prices. Got my beautiful dining table from them - 23/02/20

    Thomas O. Avatar
    Thomas O.

    Reasonably priced and nicely finished imported furniture mostly from Indonesia. Good and attentive sales personnel. They have ample secure and fee parking. - 23/02/20

  • Paul C. Avatar
    Paul C.

    Good things at affordable prices. - 23/02/20

    Kenya S. Avatar
    Kenya S.

    Best deals on modern furniture - 23/02/20

    Julius O. Avatar
    Julius O.

    Good furniture very good prices - 23/02/20

  • Jael S. Avatar
    Jael S.

    Very friendly customer service - 23/02/20

    Anthony G. Avatar
    Anthony G.

    Better deals in furniture locally. Lovely. - 23/02/20

    Castro M. Avatar
    Castro M.

    Furniture shop near carnivore with Malaysian style tables and sofa, affordable. Friendly staff - 23/02/20

  • Sheshi M. Avatar
    Sheshi M.

    You will absolutely love the prices at Dignity Furniture.They also have quality products.Located on Langata road . - 23/02/20

    Faythe Avatar

    Excellent service and very affordable and quality stuff. - 23/02/20

    amir s. Avatar
    amir s.

    Good - 23/02/20

  • Janet R. Avatar
    Janet R.

    Awesome - 23/02/20

    Mukangai W. Avatar
    Mukangai W.

    One stop shop for the furniture you need.super and well stocked. - 23/02/20

    Katiti K. Avatar
    Katiti K.

    Unique affordable house holds I love their recliner sofas dinning table, coffee table decoration, carpet - 23/02/20

  • sumba e. Avatar
    sumba e.

    Best deals in town - 23/02/20

    CAROL M. Avatar
    CAROL M.

    Good - 23/02/20

    Eva K. Avatar
    Eva K.

    Quality furniture - 23/02/20

  • Maureen M. Avatar
    Maureen M.

    Beautiful furniture and lovely arrangements. Also very affordable. Carpets, wall hangings, sofas, dining tables, wardrobes, door mats, office desks and chairs, and they deliver immediately unless you buy late then they make the delivery the day after. Also they close too early. - 23/02/20

    Peter W. Avatar
    Peter W.

    The best furniture for modern lifestyle - 23/02/20

    George M. Avatar
    George M.

    Great value for money, good prices, and great after sale delivery people. - 23/02/20

  • Dinesh V. Avatar
    Dinesh V.

    Variety of Living room furniture and exclusive designs of wardrobe with very reasonable price. - 23/02/20

    Lilian M. Avatar
    Lilian M.

    A furniture palace with good deals on recliner seats - 23/02/20

    Murei Avatar

    Awesome place, great variety of furniture and of good quality - 23/02/20

  • Sheikha A. Avatar
    Sheikha A.

    Good - 23/02/20

    Sandeep S. Avatar
    Sandeep S.

    Good collection but the sad part is....no free delivery even within Nairobi - 23/02/20

    Lee B. Avatar
    Lee B.

    Great variety of home and office furniture, at friendly prices. - 23/02/20

  • Kaylyn N. Avatar
    Kaylyn N.

    The next biggest thing in the furniture supply. Affordable and great variety - 23/02/20

    John G. Avatar
    John G.

    It was incredible to see the prices on your carpets. High quality and fair prices....i think you should advertise yourselves more. You deserve to serve more people. - 23/02/20

    Eric E. Avatar
    Eric E.

    Good quality furniture - 23/02/20

  • Salwa S. Avatar
    Salwa S.

    fantastic - 23/02/20

    Mark K. Avatar
    Mark K.

    Customer care and after sale service on point. Great delivery guys. I love their flexibility in handling clients. Keep it up - 23/02/20

    Wamuyu G. Avatar
    Wamuyu G.

    Great customer service. The young man especially is super fantastic (How old is he by the way?11?😊).Very polite and professional delivery people .Happy customer. Keep it up. - 16/02/20

  • Mercie M. Avatar
    Mercie M.

    Great customer service. And delivery on time. Thanks - 04/02/20

    Rose M. Avatar
    Rose M.

    Greatest customer care,from the sales representatives to the delivery guys. Delivery on time and I'm surely greatful. Thank you again and again. - 23/12/19

    Davies T. Avatar
    Davies T.

    Superb furniture and professional service..... especially your teenager πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ - 18/12/19

  • Georgie G. Avatar
    Georgie G.

    The delivery guyz were right no time, very curteous and professional. Will always recommend my pals to shop there. Keep it up and asante. - 14/12/19

    Hon S. Avatar
    Hon S.

    order delivered on time, perfectly packaged, delivery men with etiquette band privacy at heart. As well best customer service..... - 12/12/19

    Cynthia A. Avatar
    Cynthia A.

    Great customer service and on time delivery. The prices are very competitive in comparison to other furniture dealers. - 25/11/19

  • Josephine K. Avatar
    Josephine K.

    Soooo Beautiful! When I grow up, and I mean growing up financially, I want to get all my furniture from this place. This is a prayer, not a joke or an advertisement! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. God bless you Dignity Furniture for the good work you are doing. - 24/11/19

    Ghee R. Avatar
    Ghee R.

    Great customer service and quality furniture - 14/11/19

    Gray C. Avatar
    Gray C.

    Great quality seats! Very patient in handling customer queries ❀️❀️ - 02/11/19

  • Kagai D. Avatar
    Kagai D.

    for affordable furniture prizes - 01/11/19

    Ananda B. Avatar
    Ananda B.

    Great shopping experience, great customer service, quality products. My recliners have just been delivered, no hitches, good quality. - 30/10/19

    Beracah K. Avatar
    Beracah K.

    Great customer care and after sale service. Very flexible people. Keep it up. Got my delivery on good time - 24/10/19

  • Lulu G. Avatar
    Lulu G.

    I had a good experience shopping with them. They are genuine and their products are of high quality. I'd go back any time! - 20/10/19

    Batul H. Avatar
    Batul H.

    amazing sofas, amazing service, amazing customer care. 10/10 - 12/10/19

    Asuntah M. Avatar
    Asuntah M.

    You can't go wrong with their furniture and their customer care is πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š - 27/09/19

  • Njoroge M. Avatar
    Njoroge M.

    Great quality
    durable and affordable stuffs
    Customer care was also on point
    #I'm a satisfied customer I recommend them
    - 22/09/19

    Nelima S. Avatar
    Nelima S.

    very professional, good quality products, efficient in delivery and customer satisfying. Keep up guys - 21/09/19

    Yvonne O. Avatar
    Yvonne O.

    great furniture n affordable - 16/09/19

  • Carolyn N. Avatar
    Carolyn N.

    Good quality products and great customer service. Keep it up guys! - 28/08/19

    Nganga M. Avatar
    Nganga M.

    Very efficient reliable and trustworthy! Keep it up! - 20/08/19

    Laurel A. Avatar
    Laurel A.

    The furniture are of great quality,durable and also affordable - 06/07/19

  • Wa M. Avatar
    Wa M.

    Dignity furniture's items are of high quality, and have a very good reception. One feels appreciated and valued as a customer. - 06/07/19

    Adam O. Avatar
    Adam O.

    Great Customer Service..Beautiful and quality products..Am very happy and satisfied customer - 28/06/19

    Wambui W. Avatar
    Wambui W.

    They are very efficient especially the guy who answer the questions on whatsapp and delivery guys they are wonderful. - 15/06/19

  • Maureen M. Avatar
    Maureen M.

    Beautiful furniture, great customer service, value for money. Got my furniture delivered on time. The delivery guys are wonderful people - 01/06/19

    Carolyn E. Avatar
    Carolyn E.

    I just love their furniture, looks great, and its also adjustable - 29/05/19

    Akoya T. Avatar
    Akoya T.

    Quality and Pocket friendly - 24/05/19

  • Ian L. Avatar
    Ian L.

    Good quality. Value for money - 24/05/19

    Anisa W. Avatar
    Anisa W.

    Best service .. Got delivery on time and very satisfying..keep it up. - 21/05/19

    Pritesh D. Avatar
    Pritesh D.

    very good offers and great quality - 17/05/19

  • Mathenge S. Avatar
    Mathenge S.

    beautiful sofas and dinning tables - 20/03/19

    Sammy S. Avatar
    Sammy S.

    Its a nice place to shop quality furniture - 14/03/19

    Paul M. Avatar
    Paul M.

    Great quality and good value too. - 07/02/19

  • New U. Avatar
    New U.

    they have special furniture with affordable price to all - 05/12/18

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